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As Principal of Ping, Jackie is a connector, scout, and adviser, helping marketers to achieve their goals and enhance their professional lives.


Jackie Ross is the consummate connector. Her career path started with journalism, but she quickly realized her true calling in marketing, where she could solve problems, influence audiences, streamline costs, and navigate creative personalities with the bob-and-weave dexterity of a boxer (or Tae Bo-er, her favorite after-work activity).

Before founding Ping Partners, Jackie lead business development with World 50, a firm that essentially builds exclusive playgroups for CEOs, CMOs, and other C-listers. Prior, she was responsible for more than $6 million in accounts with the Corporate Executive Board, specifically with its Advertising & MarComm Roundtable. There she taught best practices in marketing, consulted with senior executives from 250+ Fortune 500 companies, and achieved Platinum status with Starwood Hotels. (Lots of travel.)

Jackie has also lead marketing and development with the National Mental Health Association, sported a jester’s hat with The Motley Fool, and spent a heckuvalot of time around truckers for one of many magazines she managed with Hammock Publishing. She lives in San Francisco, CA, and spends her weekends walking up hills, catching up on The Daily Show, and slogging through the stacks and stacks of magazines she really needs to stop getting. She also sits on the board of Upwardly Global, a nonprofit that helps immigrants navigate the US career market, and serves as a mentor to several inspiring new Americans.

Jackie earned a BA in English and Sociology from Vanderbilt University.