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Mark Pilipczuk

The Exposure Effect is the main reason I push face-to-face meetings. I don't think you can be fully exposed to an individual unless you're in the same physical location. And that counts even if you're working with a colleague in the same company. The same company name on the ID badge does not necessarily mean unity of understanding or purpose.

I've been party to a number of cases throughout my career where I've heard that "so and so is a bad guy/hard to work with/doesn't listen/etc." And when I ask what happened the last time the complainer met face-to-face, I'd get a blank stare. In some cases, the complainer was working with "the bad guy" for YEARS, had never met and he/she was literally in the next building over! I'd drag the two together and, even if we didn't create world peace, I'd see an immediate improvement in communication and results.

Best tip for being liked? Listen (actively) 90% of the time and talk 10%. We all like people who like to listen to ourselves talk about US.

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